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Read the interview with Tom on Celebrity Cafe (March 2018)

Tom’s a native of Sioux City , Iowa and has been in L.A. the last few years growing his acting career.  He’s appeared in award winning shorts, full length features, t.v. episodics and is a voice over actor as well.  He’s done some commercial work and has even had print ads that went worldwide.  He works out in William Alderson’s master class weekly and is totally prepared to bring all his skills and talent to your next project.  He’s extremely strong improvisationally and can work dramatically or comedically.

He currently is recurring in “Movies At Our House” on AMC and is working on a one man show called “The Working Life”.



From a review of The Money Shot
Tom began his acting career in the 4th grade in Sioux City Iowa playing Santa Claus.  High school, college, and professional theatre gigs in the Midwest earned him enough money for a bus ticket to L.A. in 1994.  He's been busy since.
After 28 films, twelve plays and a little commercial work, Tom says he's tickled to be in the cast of The Money Shot.  One of his films, Execution at the County Jail won 2nd Place at the Brooklyn Film Festival and he was in Killer Tomatoes Eat France! with John Austin, so his career is pretty well set.

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